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Privacy Statement

BrightWhite USA LLC. (hereinafter referred to as: Service Provider) shall respect the privacy of its customers’ personal data.

The Service Provider collects data for the purposes of providing, maintaining and protecting its existing services and developing new services, and treats such data for the shortest time possible for the specific purposes arising from the services, also with regard to the principles of data minimisation and data avoidance.

The Service Provider’s websites can be visited without providing any data. However, there are services for which data provision is necessary due to their nature. Online shopping is one example for such services.

In these cases, the key data required for the purchase shall be recorded only for the purposes of executing the online transaction, invoicing and delivering the product, and only for the period this is absolutely necessary; which period shall include cases of complaints, guarantee and warranty, that is, storage for the purpose of proving the conditions of the contract later. After that, the data provided shall be deleted.

The Service Provider shall not disclose the client’s data to third parties, except if the client gave his/her express consent to that or the third party qualifies as an affiliated undertaking of the Service Provider. The affiliated undertakings shall be bound by a data protection obligation with a content equivalent to this statement.

The Service Provider and its affiliated undertakings, as intermediary service providers, shall not be liable for compliance with data protection obligations undertaken by third parties.

The users of the service shall have the option to prohibit the above detailed data management in a written statement to the Service Provider before and in the course of using the service. However, in connection with this ban the client has to regard the possibility that it may become impossible to provide the service, considering that the availability of technical data is essential for the handling of complaints.