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BrightWhite® home teeth whitening bundle 2x10 treatment for couples


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US $167.99
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Expected delivery: January 21, 2019
Shipping fee: Free
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Contents of the package:  

2pcs 10ml syringe filled with peroxide free teeth whitening gel (last 2x8-10 treatment)

2pcs 3ml syringe filled with remineralising gel

2pcs double-arched comfort silicone mouth tray

2pcs 6 blubs LED lamp + battery

multi language user’s manual

2 box of BrightWhite® 3in1 2 component teeth cleaning and whitening foam


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Teeth whitening with a dentist’s professionalism in your home?

peroxide-free teeth whitener gel with extremely quick ULTRA WHITE formula

CPNP registration, evidencing compliance with the strict regulations of the EU

4-6 shades whiter teeth after the first 45 minutes

 state of the art technology with 6 blub LED in your home



comfortable, simple use

Duration of use:

2x8-10 sessions, 45 minutes per treatment (the content of one syringe is enough for 8-10 treatment)


We recommend the 10 treatment kit if your teeth are moderately discoloured or if they have been whitened before.

You must not eat or smoke for 3-4 hours, and must not consume coloured food and beverages for 48 hours after treatments.


Priority Post Package (4-8 business days)

We process orders within 2-3 business days.


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