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Kiemelt ajánlatok

Top EU line


Natural ingredients + Peroxide-free ...

Natural whitening ingredients

Its active ingredient contains

natural components.

Peroxide Free Made in the USA gel

Safe and guarantees no

damage on the teeth!

Extreme fast whitening result

4-6 shades whiter teeth
after the first 45 minutes

Free worldwide shipping

2-5 working days we deliver your

teeth whitening kit to your home


Let your teeth be beautiful white too!

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  • After
  • Before
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How to use...?

How to use...?

  • Teeth whitening gel The BrightWhite non-peroxide teeth whitening home kit works similarly to dentist-applied teeth whitening treatments. Nevertheless, its formula contains only natural ingredients, which protect and nurture the teeth and cause no damage to the enamel, while the peroxide whiteners do.

    We put the whitening gel in a dual arc comfort silicon tray, which needs no thermoforming, hence its use is easy and comfortable - we just click it to the lamp and apply the gel.
  • Wearing time: 45 minutes

    Insert the whitening tray in the mouth, turn on the LED lamp, and rest for 45 minutes.
  • Repetition Important: Following the treatment, no eating or smoking is allowed, and avoiding the consumption of colorful foods or drinks in the next two days is highly recommended.

    After the 45 minutes wearing time, we clean the tray and rinse off the teeth, then repeat the previous actions after 10 minutes.
  • Remineralization gel The kit includes a Remineralization gel, which has to be applied after the whitening process maximum twice a week. This gel helps to replace the lost minerals to the teeth. Applying the proposed dosage of the remineralization gel (blue color) is also very easy.

    Put one drop of gel on each tooth in the bottom and the top tray, in approximately every 0.5 centimeters. Insert the tray in the mouth, leave it on for 4-5 minutes, then remove it, but do not rinse off the teeth.

Deal of day

1pcs 10ml syringe filled with teeth whitening gel with EU CPNP registration (last 8-10 treatment)

1pcs 3ml syringe filled with remineralising gel with EU CPNP registration

1pcs double-arched comfort silicone mouth tray

1pcs 6 blubs LED lamp + battery

multi language user’s manual

1pcs BrightWhite® WHITE COCO® 50gr Akctivated Charcoal powder (enough 4-5 month's supply)

1pcs BrightWhite® WHITE COCO® activated charcoal bristle toothbrush

Shipping: 1-2 business days
US $105.87

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